Superb Optics

for Luminaires

Slim in Dimensions

Nanoptiqs makes luminaires tiny and beautiful and works with a variety od LEDs. 

Precise Light Management

Nanoptiqs provides the light distribution  exactly as you need it.

Easy to Assemble

Nanoptiqs fits to broad range of luminaires and allows flexibility in assembling methods.

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LED Optical Solutions

IQ Linear

Cutting-Edge Flat Optics

We found the way how to supply luminaires manufacturers with the best performing, affordable, single element linear optics by using nanotechnology.

IQ System

Precision of Light Distribution

IQ System is a modular optical system integrating all optical functions essential for any luminaire. It gives the customer the full control over the high definition light distribution and freedom in shaping the luminaire.

Custom Solution

Discover Nanoptics Possibilities

Whether it be physical dimensions or a particular light distribution curve our team is willing to help. Use the online form on our website, call or email us with your requirement details.

About us

We’ve moved the limits of optics complexity with a creative combination of cutting-edge technologies.

We utilize technologies for printing all kinds of micro- and nanostructures. Through creative combinations of these structures we employ all of their advantages to develop optics with new features.

Thanks to a broad range of technologies we are able to master almost any kind of nano-structure.

Compare how Nanoptiqs Works

Make use of precise light management in a wide range of applications.

Nanoptiqs provides perfectly homogeneous illumination of surfaces or objects, and offers unprecedented possibilities for shapes and light distribution. Compare the lighting effects of Nanoptiqs in comparison with standard LED solution.

Rail Luminaires

In Store Lighting

Galleries & Showrooms


Stairwell lighting

Object lighting

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