Custom Solution

We enable luminaire manufacturers to produce products that bring joy and benefit to users. We develop and produce micro-optics elements enabling the full use of the potential of modern LED sources. We tread new paths and set trends in the industry.

Custom Solutions

Custom development

Have you a product idea? Not sure how to realise? Our research and development team can help you. We have more than twenty-five years of experience in the field of diffractive optics. We utilise a broad spectrum of in-house technologies and have excellent knowledge in the design and implementation of micro- and nanostructured functional surfaces. Just let us know.

Do You Have a Product Idea?

You Define Your Requirements

  • Light source (LED Type, Dimensions, Light Output)
  • Geometry of optical system (Shape, Dimensions, Distance to LED)
  • Desired Light Distribution (LDC in Any Format)
  • Other

Feasibility study

We Evaluate Feasibility

  • Computer simulations of the system
  • Identification of suitable optical nano-structures
  • Evaluation of design and tooling costs
  • Identification of suitable mass production technology

Proof-of-concept prototype

We Design and Make a Prototype

  • Design of optical system
  • Mastering of optical nano-structure
  • Prototype transfer of optical structures to final substrates
  • Evaluation of optical function

Pre-production development

We Prepare the Production Technology

  • Optimization of optical design for mass production
  • Setting up and optimization of the technological process chain
  • Development and manufacturing of tools for mass production

Pilot production

We Run the Pilot Production

  • Production of first batch of final products
  • Evaluation of quality
  • Fine-tuning of the production processes

Mass production

We Deliver the Products

  • Large volume production of optical components
  • Regular deliveries based on customer's needs and mutual agreements

Custom Solutions

Our competences

Design of optical components and systems based on relief micro- and nanostructures.
Mastering of nano-structured elements using wide variety of state-of-the art technologies.
Mass production of optical elements in plastic, metal, and glass substrates.

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Object lighting

DON’T: Illuminate the area behind the statue / The face of the statue is darker than the body
DO: Reduce enlightment of surroundings / Illuminate equally the whole statue

Stairwell lighting

DON’T: Many luminaires requiring deep installation / Unlit senter of the staircase
DO: All areas enlighted equally / Few flat and small luminaires


DON’T: Outshined area at the top / Unlit area at the bottom
DO: Homogeneous illumination of the wall

Galleries & Showrooms

DON’T: Large, inelegant luminaires / Unequally enlighted pictures
DO: Miniaturize the luminaire / Enlight equally all pictures

In Store Lighting

DON’T: Insufficient and unequal illumination of goods / Dark areas and shadows
DO: Miniaturize the luminaire / Illuminate all your goods equally

Rail Luminaires

DON’T: Enlight grass and vain / Dark areas
DO: Perfectly enlight step / Save energy. Enlight only desired areas.