Optics Re:Defined

in dimensions
in light management

Notice of change of company name

Information about the change of business name of our company

Design the next generation of LED luminaires

Forget the limitations of current LED lighting technology.
Uncover the unique features of Nanoptiqs.


Simplify construction.

Replace large lenses and reflectors, and create smaller and thinner designs

Make use of precise light management
in a wide range of applications

Nanoptiqs provides perfectly homogeneous illumination of surfaces or objects, and offers unprecedented possibilities for shapes and light distribution. Compare the lighting effects of Nanoptiqs in comparison with standard LED solution.

Rail luminaires

DON’T: Dark areas

DON’T: Enlight grass and vain areas

DO: Perfectly enlight step

DO: Save energy. Enlight only desired areas

In store lighting

DON’T: Insufficient and unequal illumination of goods

DON’T: Dark areas and shadows

DO: Illuminate all your goods equally

DO: Miniaturize the luminaire

Galleries & Showrooms

DON’T: Unequally enlighted pictures

DON’T: Large, inelegant luminaires

DO: Enlight equally all pictures

DO: Miniaturize the luminaire


DON’T: Outshined area at the top

DON’T: Unlit area at the bottom

DO: Homogeneous illumination of the wall

Stairwell ligting

DON’T: Many luminaires requiring deep installation

DON’T: Unlit center of the staircase

DO: Few flat and small luminaires

DO: All areas enlighted equally

Object lighting

DON’T: Illuminate the area behind the statue

DON’T: The face of the statue is darker than the body

DO: Illuminate equally the whole statue

DO: Reduce enlightment of surroundings

No more ugly bumps!
Make your designs sleak and smooth

Stop deciding between aesthetics and functionality. 
Take advantage of flat, smooth optics with precise light management.

Say hello to high capacity printed optics

 Take advantage of our production speed

Moulding takes its time since you have to heat, inject, press and cool the matter, and then take product out of the mould.
Production of Nanoptics is as fast as printing. Forget capacity limitations. You can have millions of copies a day.


Take advantage of a new level of precision

Due to character of used materials, preparation of mouldes has a natural deviation which reaches into hundreds of micrometers.
Printed technology achieves a precision level below nanometers.
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