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We enable luminaire manufacturers to produce products that bring joy and benefit to users. We develop and produce micro-optics elements enabling the full use of the potential of modern LED sources. We tread new paths and set trends in the industry.

Who we are

IQS Nanoptiqs is part of the IQS group. Its main product focus is micro- and nano-structured optics, a unique solution for the production of transmission and refractive optical elements. With application potential in many areas including LED lighting, sensors, and automotive lighting. 

These innovative optics provide luminaire manufacturers with new design options, including miniaturisation, superb functionality often unattainable with classic solutions whilst enabling material and energy savings. In addition to its own serial products, IQS Nanoptiqs also offers the development and production of new customised optical solutions.

25+ years of experience

The IQS Nanoptiqs R&D team consists of highly qualified researchers with more than twenty five years of experience in the field of diffractive optics. The team uses a broad spectrum of in-house technologies and has excellent knowledge in the design and implementation of micro- and nano-structured functional surfaces. IQS Nanoptiqs develops and produces sophisticated revolutionary products in its own manufacturing facilities.


Ryan Daly

CEO, Sales

Marek Skeren


David Broz


Company Information



Hlavní 130
250 68 Husinec – Řež

Registration Number: 09451200
VAT Number: CZ09451200

Awards winning products

Nanoptiqs was awarded a Design Plus award at the 2018 Light+Building conference for our revolutionary COB optic.

The optic was designed for use with a flip-chip COB light source allowing the control of white light from every diode on the board.

Calculating the surface structure on a nano-level allows us to fully control the light within close proximity to the light source.


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Object lighting

DON’T: Illuminate the area behind the statue / The face of the statue is darker than the body
DO: Reduce enlightment of surroundings / Illuminate equally the whole statue

Stairwell lighting

DON’T: Many luminaires requiring deep installation / Unlit senter of the staircase
DO: All areas enlighted equally / Few flat and small luminaires


DON’T: Outshined area at the top / Unlit area at the bottom
DO: Homogeneous illumination of the wall

Galleries & Showrooms

DON’T: Large, inelegant luminaires / Unequally enlighted pictures
DO: Miniaturize the luminaire / Enlight equally all pictures

In Store Lighting

DON’T: Insufficient and unequal illumination of goods / Dark areas and shadows
DO: Miniaturize the luminaire / Illuminate all your goods equally

Rail Luminaires

DON’T: Enlight grass and vain / Dark areas
DO: Perfectly enlight step / Save energy. Enlight only desired areas.